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Smart solutions for smart business owners

Whether you are a veteran quarry manager or a contractor exploring new revenue opportunities, you’re looking for productivity solutions to help you maximize the performance of your machines. Look no further.

Agg flow quarry designs

Test the potential productivity of custom spreads with schematics that can not only help identify areas of process improvement, but also forecast potential tons per hour and ROI. When you’ve got data like this in your back pocket, you can make decisions with confidence.

Quarry Audits

Get expert recommendations on how to improve your existing quarry system. We’ll review your setup and suggest enhancements to your layout, equipment, parts, flow bottlenecks and more to ensure you make the most product possible at a lower cost.

System Setup

There’s an exact science to setting up a spread to perform its best. At Thompson Equipment, we don’t just deliver your equipment, we also set it up to maximize output based on your quarry layout, the location of the spread and your geology — so you get the best possible results on day one.

Washing Processes

Let us help you fine-tune your washing process to ensure your product is flawless and ready for market.

Fabrication Services

Need a custom solution to ensure you’re getting peak performance? We offer custom fabrication and welding services when you need more than a standard solution.

Valuation/Trade-in Assessment

Your machines are one of your largest business assets. So, when you’re ready to turn your crushers into cash or upgrade to new screening equipment, we’ll give you the trade-in offer you need to make smart business decisions.

Questions? Call us at 1-813-269-8192.

Customers come to Thompson because we don’t just fix their machines or sell them parts. We consult with them on how to reduce downtime, stay running and produce more material.

- Julien Lefebvre, Thompson Equipment, Service Manager -